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Food choices can affect your oral health

Many dentists, including those at DH Dental Clinic in Lahore, are concerned that their patients are consuming record numbers of sugar-filled sodas, sweetened fruit drinks, and non-nutritious snacks that affect their teeth. These foods generally have little if any nutritional value and over time they can take a toll on teeth. Eating patterns and food […]

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Human teeth: A shocking evolution

Broken, discoloured or decayed teeth can have a severe effect on both your self-esteem and overall health. When left untreated these dental problems can escalate extremely fast into problems including tooth loss and nerve damage. An unhealthy mouth, especially if gum disease is present, can even  increase your risk of serious health problems such as stroke, […]

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Dental Consultation from DH Dental

At DH Dental, our dental consultation in Lahore offers comprehensive assessment of your oral health.  A proper dental consult is the foundation for high quality dental treatment planning. If this initial visit is not performed properly then it can lead to incomplete dental care.  We take a patient focused approach in all of our care – making […]

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