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5 Reasons To Make Dental Care A Priority

Stop avoiding the dentist! Make dental care a priority and enjoy a healthier, prettier smile. According to recent studies, nearly 40 percent of adults over age 18 have not visited the dentist this year. This might be due to a lack of funds, lack of transportation or access, or to a simple feeling that going […]

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Are you brushing your teeth too hard?

If you have sensitive teeth, brushing too hard or using the wrong toothbrush altogether can make symptoms worse. Learn the proper technique for brushing your teeth. When it comes to brushing your teeth, there is such a thing as proper technique. Brushing too hard — or using the wrong toothbrush — can damage your teeth […]

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Why zoom teeth whitening is far superior than whitening teeth at home

If you have been using at-home, store-bought teeth whitening treatments and you are unhappy with the results, it is time for you to look into DH Dental’s ZOOM whitening treatment. Yes, you can buy teeth whitening toothpaste and rinses, but a professionally distributed and supervised solution like Zoom whitening provides better results faster to get you […]

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When should your child see an orthodontic dentist?

Why your child’s 1st orthodontic consultation should be earlier than you think! As parents, you always want what’s best for your children and monitoring their oral health throughout their childhood allows you to ensure they maintain a healthy smile.  An orthodontist is a dental specialist who is best suited to help you achieve this and here we […]

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Don’t Fear The Dentist

Experts share tips to help you overcome your fear of the dental chair. John Gamba was 9 years old when a dentist failed to anesthetize a back molar properly and hit a nerve dead-on. The result was a lifelong fear of dentists that reached a peak in his 20s, when he stopped going to the […]

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How regular dental appointments could save you thousands of rupees

If you think a check-up and clean is expensive, it’s nothing compared to the cost of neglect. Having a check-up and clean every 6 or 12 months is ideal for maintaining good oral health. By taking care of your teeth on a regular basis, you reduce the risk of more serious oral health problems occurring. […]

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How Regular Dental Check-Ups Prevent Disease And Save Consumers Money

A survey finds that consumers have many misconceptions when it comes to general dentists. Have you been avoiding your regular appointment with the dentist? If so, then you might be missing out on important health information that can save you money in the long-run. The  Academy of General Dentistry wants to remind consumers that regular dental […]

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Flossing How Important Is Flossing To You

Many people hate flossing. Why? Well, for some people, taking out a piece of floss, wrapping it around their index and middle fingers, placing it between two teeth, and then moving it to remove food or dental plaque can be too much of a process. There are easier options to clean between the teeth like […]

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Why you should be brushing your teeth twice a day

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day should be an integral part of your day, just as it’s vital you eat. There are many reasons why it’s important that you brush your teeth twice a day, some of the reasons are obvious whilst others are less commonly known. Here are eight reasons why you […]

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Top 5 Reasons Not to Delay Getting a Root Canal

So you came into the dental office for an exam, and now you’ve been told you need a root canal. But you’re wondering: Do I really have to do this? I’ve heard all sorts of things about the procedure. What if I wait a while — would that be so bad? The answer is: yes! […]

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