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Diabetes & Oral Care


Research shows that there is a higher prevalence of gum disease among people with diabetes; adding gum disease issues to risk factors, as well as heart disease, stroke and kidney disease.

Connections Between Diabetes And Oral Health

Did you know that certain health conditions can cause oral problems? Diabetes and oral health conditions are often related. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, patients with Type I or Type II diabetes are at heightened risk of developing tooth decay, fungal infections in the mouth and gum disease. Fortunately, diabetics can take a proactive approach to managing their oral health by following and controlling their glucose levels, practicing thorough oral hygiene and visiting their dentist regularly for examinations and cleanings.

How Diabetes Negatively Affects Oral Health

Since poorly controlled diabetes impairs the immune system, diabetics have difficulty fighting off bacterial and fungal infections. Gum disease and a fungal infection called “thrush,” for example, both present varying levels of complications for people diagnosed with diabetes. Additionally, diabetics typically produce less saliva — the body’s way of naturally rinsing the mouth — than those without diabetes. Diminished saliva production can lead to dry mouth and tooth decay.

Steps to Protect Your Family’s Oral Health

While diabetes can affect oral health in different ways, parents can take steps to reduce family members’ risk of developing conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay. One common method for reducing the chances of oral problems associated with diabetes is to control glucose levels with medication and a proper diet low in sugar. The American Dental Association has found that patients with poorly controlled glucose levels are more likely to develop gum disease than those whose glucose levels are controlled. To help members of your family control blood sugar, consider consulting with your family physician on healthy eating practices that benefit patients with diabetes

Oral Health Effects

Research shows that there is a higher prevalence of gum disease among people with diabetes. Thus diabetics are at greater risk for gum disease, heart disease, stroke and kidney disease.
Endocrine disorders include issues related to the adrenal glands, ovaries, parathyroid, pituitary and thyroid gland, to name a few. These glands release hormones that can throw off the balance in your body. Dental professionals need to accommodate the oral care issues that may occur with people who suffer from these disorders.

If you have diabetes, take early steps to protect your mouth

If you have diabetes you are at risk of developing gum disease. Visit DH Dental today so they can not only help you maintain proper oral health but also prevent future issues that can directly effect your diabetic maintenance.

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