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Smiling can trick your brain into happiness and boost your health

Ever had someone tell you to cheer up and smile? It’s probably not the most welcomed advice, especially when you’re feeling sick, tired or just plain down in the dumps. But there’s actually good reason to turn that frown upside down, corny as it sounds. Science has shown that the mere act of smiling can lift your […]

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4 Things That Happen If You Avoid the Dentist

Many people believe good oral care means they only need to brush their teeth once or twice each day, and floss once daily. While these are important actions, it’s also necessary to schedule regular dental appointments for a checkup and professional teeth cleaning. Consider four things that happen if you don’t: Tooth decay – Daily tooth brushing […]

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Your Smile & Your Confidence

If you have a great smile, chances are you don’t think about it much. However, having an imperfect smile can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety. People often feel the need to hide their smiles when missing teeth, stains, or crooked teeth are apparent. Research has shown time and again that having a […]

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How Often You Should Get Teeth Cleaning / Scaling

Scaling is the process of removing plaque from your teeth. DH Dental offers ultrasonic teeth scaling and polishing to help your smile looks its best. Despite your daily brushing and flossing routine, there’s enough bacteria in your mouth to form beneath the gum line where your toothbrush can’t reach. A regular trip to the dentist, […]

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How to get over your fear of visiting the dentist

Going to the dentist can be a literal and proverbial pain for many people. A large percentage of the population is even afraid to go to the dentist. If you have dental phobia or even avoid seeing the dentist regularly, you can overcome your fears by identifying them and building positive experiences with your dentist. […]

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Soft drinks are no longer an occasional treat; they’ve become a daily habit for a growing number of kids, teens and young adults. We’ve all heard soda is bad for our teeth.But did you know a steady of diet of soft drinks can lead to tooth decay and how bad is it really? Does it […]

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Your smile is your best first impression, so achieving white teeth should not have to be difficult. People desire whiter teeth for a variety of reasons due to stains and yellowing over time. The most common teeth stains are those on the surface on the enamel or below in the dentin. Types of foods, beverages, […]

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Flossing should be part of good oral hygiene habits. It is a step often forgotten because even nowadays, many people think that you can avoid problems only by brushing your teeth regularly. But if your dentist and your hygienist constantly repeat to you that you need to floss more, it’s because it’s very important step. […]

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By 2 1/2 most children have cut all of their baby teeth, so toddlerhood is a great time to instill good dental habits. “Baby teeth are important because they hold space for permanent teeth. Decay in baby teeth also increases the risk of decay in permanent teeth.Although dentists now recommend that kids see a dentist […]

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The importance of dental checkups for your health

People often wait too long to head to the dental office for a regular checkup. While most preventative dental care happens at home, it’s important to visit a professional dentist every six months to manage plaque, check for diseases, and prevent complications from coming up in the future. Oral hygiene is directly linked to keeping […]

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