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The Shocking Impact of Air Pollution On Your Teeth

As we all know, pollution is a huge problem and it’s only getting worse. Pollutants in the air can have damaging effects on oral health. The air pollution in Lahore has now risen to new heights, just how bad is air pollution for your teeth?

Acidic air
Acid in the air is one of the most common types of pollution that can affect your teeth. Acid gases are released into the atmosphere when coal and oil are burned at power stations, and so rain becomes more acidic. These acid droplets stay suspended in the air can be breathed in. This acid can cause teeth erosion.

Heavy metal poisoning 

No, not the music. Heavy metals can have a big impact on your teeth. These can be found in food, water, plants and in the atmosphere. We are constantly exposed to metals such as cadmium. Among other sources, it can be found in cigarette smoke and it’s what causes yellow teeth. Through eating, breathing and everyday activities, heavy metal substances can find their way into your body.

Fluoride poisoning

Although fluoride is used in toothpaste to help protect the teeth, too much of it can cause tooth and bone damage. Fluoride is often found in water supplies and high levels of the substance can be found in coal. The additional exposure can impact your teeth, causing discolouring and decay.

Human pollution

Air pollution from car exhaust fumes and industrial waste can erode your teeth. There is evidence to suggest that human pollution dates back 400,000 years (!), as in 2015 ancient teeth were discovered in Qesem Cave near Tel Aviv. Researchers found plaque still on the teeth, suggesting early evidence of air pollution caused by humans. It is believed that the cavemen inhaled large amounts of smoke when roasting meat on fires.

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