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Dangers of at home teeth whitening vs in office

Teeth whitening is quickly becoming one of the most popular and sought-after cosmetic dental treatments around. Many consumers are now visiting their local dentist for bleaching or laser teeth whitening treatments on a regular basis.

However, as with many beauty trends the rise in demand for teeth whitening has led to the rise in dangerous and illegal alternatives, including the sale of unregulated home whitening kits. We’ve explored five of the most common dangers faced by consumers who take their smile into their own hands and use “at home whitening kits”.

1. Damage to enamel

Home teeth whitening kits often advertise results in just minutes, and in some cases this is true. However, instant whitening kits can cause irreparable damage to enamel if used frequently.

Unlike professional teeth whitening, home kits sometimes contain chlorine dioxide, which is the same acid used to clean swimming pools. This ingredient delivers a white glow by stripping the stains from the surface of the teeth, but sadly the enamel will often be removed too. This leaves the tooth exposed and can result in unsalvageable damage.

2. Damage to gums

The majority of home teeth whitening kits include hydrogen peroxide, but some contain more than 0.1%. In cases where the chemical concentration is too strong, it’s possible that the process can cause burns to the soft tissue, or even cause irreversible gum recession.

Either form of damage can increase tooth sensitivity and make it uncomfortable to eat or drink, but severe gum recession can also expose the gum and encourage eventual tooth loss.

3. Chemical burns

Many teeth whitening kits require the use of a mouth guard, which helps to contain the chemical gel and prevent spillage. Unfortunately, if a dental professional is not supervising the procedure it’s possible this guard may not fit properly, and some of the gel may leak out onto your mouth or skin.

Any kits containing stronger chemicals could cause severe chemical burns to the skin and gums.

4. Sickness

Ill-fitting mouth guards are a common cause of chemical leakage during teeth whitening, but the resulting exposure to hydrogen peroxide can cause both external and internal side effects.

One, particularly concerning internal complication associated with mouth guards, is physical sickness, which is the result of swallowing chemicals during the whitening process.

This problem is exacerbated if a significant amount is ingested, and can lead to burns in the throat, stomach, and even the gut.

5. Mouth infections

Many of the problems caused by home teeth whitening stem from the high chance of chemical burns, and mouth infections are no different.

Chemical burns can quickly and easily leave parts of the mouth and gum exposed, making them vulnerable to the high levels of bacteria living in the mouth.

This problem is significantly more common in consumers who have an ineffective daily dental hygiene routine, due to the excess bacteria found on the tongue or between teeth.

Professional in office teeth-whitening

If you’re concerned about the dangers associated with home teeth whitening then a visit to DH Dental Lahore could be the answer. Our team of professional dentists offers in-office whitening, using the worlds most requested whitening treatment Philips ZOOM direct from Philips USA.

This is a completely safe, non-invasive, whitening treatment that removes all the fears of at home whitening and also produces a natural, white smile – only achievable with this treatment. There are no side effects or risk of damaging the teeth or gums.

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