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Dental Consultation from DH Dental

At DH Dental, our dental consultation in Lahore offers comprehensive assessment of your oral health.  A proper dental consult is the foundation for high quality dental treatment planning. If this initial visit is not performed properly then it can lead to incomplete dental care.  We take a patient focused approach in all of our care – making sure you, the patient, feel comfortable and understand any current issues and treatment offered so that you can make informed decisions regarding your oral care.  Unlike many other clinics which perform quick and superficial diagnosis, our dental consultation includes a number of items, all for the low price of only Rs. 2000, such as:

  • Full intra oral and extra oral exam
  • Digital Xrays
  • Patient education
  • Cancer Screening
  • Treatment Planning
  • & More

Lahore – stop settling for expensive, incomplete dental consultations!  Without a proper consult, proper dental care can not be performed and many times important steps are left out and missed which can cause great issue later on. Get it done right the first time. Think back to the last time you visited the dentist, did your consult include all this? Get a proper dental consultation in Lahore by visiting DH Dental Clinic in Johar Town today! For appointments 0322.336.8251

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!