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How much does this cost? The most commonly asked dental patient question.

At DH Dental Clinic we receive countless messages/emails each week. More than often the very first question we receive is “how much does this treatment cost?” While price is of course important in determining where one might get their dental work done, we please advise you not to only base your decision on that!

What should be more important initially is the qualification of a dentist, their experience, sterilization, cross infection control and more.  Anyone on the street can offer to pull your tooth out for 100rs, but does that mean it will be done right? Does that person have the skills & qualification to do so?

Each week we receive multiple patients who have had “inexpensive/cheap” dental work done, trying to save money, only to have that treatment go bad and require us to fix it. This not only costs you, the patient, more money & time, but also can cause a great deal of pain that could have been avoided in the first place!

Our goal at DH Dental is to offer premium dental care without the premium price. Get your dental care done right the first time and rest assured that you will not need to have it “fixed” a short time later.

More importantly, weather you visit DH Dental or another clinic, do your due diligence. Ask about your dentists experience, their education, specialization, the clinics sterilization standards – overall be an informed patient.  Only then can you really optimize your dental care.

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