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Why zoom teeth whitening is far superior than whitening teeth at home

If you have been using at-home, store-bought teeth whitening treatments and you are unhappy with the results, it is time for you to look into DH Dental’s ZOOM whitening treatment. Yes, you can buy teeth whitening toothpaste and rinses, but a professionally distributed and supervised solution like Zoom whitening provides better results faster to get you the white & bright smile you have always dreamed of.

How does Zoom teeth  whitening work?

All teeth whitening products have similarities and differences. Most use bleaching agents that will slowly lighten your enamel. Zoom uses these whitening agents to break down the stains from their core in a more efficient manner. Our solution is professional-grade and only accessible at our office. Once you visit for a consultation, we will recommend the exact Zoom solution that is right for your needs. If we feel that you will not receive maximum results from our ZOOM treatment then we will not recommend this procedure for you. Our initial smile consultation is 100% free of cost.

Is Zoom teeth whitening safe?

Yes, Zoom teeth whitening  is safe. When you follow our whitening treatment guidelines, you will avoid most irritation and sensitivity. Even if they do occur, it is not a sign of danger. It is just a reaction of your gums and teeth to the whitening agents. DH Dental Lahore takes all steps to ensure a safe, pain-free experience.

With our supervision, you will not have any safety issues. You will enjoy a seamless teeth whitening that will give you beautiful results.

How long will my whitened teeth last, and how can I ensure the longest staying period?

Results of Zoom teeth whitening are engineered to last longer than the results of most other teeth whitening treatments. If you want to maintain your whitened smile for as long as possible, we provide you with take-home treatments that will help elongate your results, and we can instruct you on proper brushing and flossing techniques. Proper oral hygiene is your first step in maintaining a healthy, white smile. We have other Zoom whitening products that may also help your teeth stay as white as possible, for as long as possible.

Is Zoom teeth whitening better than other whitening strategies?

Yes. Zoom has been tested to reveal that it is one of the quickest, most affordable, and most efficient ways to whiten your teeth. The cost of Zoom is also more budget-friendly than most customized whitening plans offered by dentists. You can choose which whitening plan fits your budget for the most affordable and best way to whiten your teeth. Our whitening products are safe and provide excellent, noticeable results.

When you are ready to learn more about Zoom teeth whitening and why it is the best option for you, visit our office for a 100% free of cost whitening consultation. We will share with you whitening options and help you determine which one is right for you.

Professional teeth whitening will allow patients to have a whiter and brighter smile, regardless of the severity of past stains. A professional tooth whitening involves using a whitening agent that can safely alter the appearance of one’s teeth. Store-bought solutions will not be as effective as our professional whitening services and overusing these products can lead to damaging the enamel.

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