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Why Sterilization &Infection Control Is So Important In the Dental Office

At DH Dental Clinic Lahore we take sterilization and cross infection control very seriously. In fact, it is our top priority along with offering premium dental care to our patients. The next time you visit your current dentist, think about how clean the environment is. We invite you to visit our clinic and see how we go above and beyond when it comes to “keeping things clean.”

DH Dental follows international standards and best practices when it comes to sterilization of our dental instruments, equipment, soft materials, dental chairs, & more.

Sound sterilization practices in dentistry protect patients, dentists and the whole dental team. They prevent the growth of bacteria on instruments and surfaces throughout the dental practice. They ensure that the germs in your mouth don’t make it into anyone else’s and that no one who’s been in the chair before you has passed along anything to you.

At DH Dental we enforce very strict sterilization guidelines and procedures for all of our equipment, instruments, dental chairs, soft materials and anything that comes in contact with the dental staff or patient.

We take great pride in our sterilization methods and follow international standards. We use both small form and large form autoclaves & sterilization machines for all instruments. Any instrument or equipment that is sterilized in placed in sterilization pouches and cassettes, sealing the sterile instrument until it is used. All instruments and equipment’s used are sterilized after every patient. We never use the same item twice without a full wash, soak, and sterilization cycle between patients.

All of our soft materials are fully sterile before use. All surfaces and chairs are disinfected and wiped down before, after, and between all patients ensuring a clean, safe, and sterilize environment for each patient that visits.

The increase in the number of transmissible diseases has led to global concern and has affected the way dentistry is practiced. Dentistry is involved in treatment that includes contact with blood, mucosa or blood-contaminated body fluids, including saliva. At DH Dental we use proper universal precautions such as treatment gloves, masks, protective eye wear, over garments, plastic barriers to protect equipment’s, proper use of disinfectants and sterilization to prevent cross infection. All of these measures are taken at DH Dental with strict supervision by our senior dental staff.

These measures can prevent the spread of diseases from one patient to another and can also stop transmission from patient to dentist and vice-versa, such as:

1)      Prevents the growth of bacteria: Bacteria are among the fastest growing organisms in the world. And when they carry disease, the results can be deadly. But proper sterilization techniques in the dental office can stop them in their tracks. Frequently disinfecting tools and equipment kills bacteria.

2)      Prevents spread of disease:  Those bacteria can carry a host of diseases. The bacteria associated with periodontal disease can be spread through saliva. But there are other diseases that can be far more concerning such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, and HIV.

3)      Prevents death: Bacteria often carry disease. Disease can cause illness and death. Healthcare associated infections are among the leading causes of death in the U.S.But they are easily preventable with proper infection control in medical and dental offices.

We also implement engineering controls to reduce production of contaminated spatter, mists and aerosols. Safe handling of contaminated needles and other sharp items, along with proper disposal, is essential and strictly followed in our clinic. Infection control measures to be undertaken in the presence of an exposure are trained to all of our staff. Our clinic also implements a strict infection control policy which we are glad to share with any patient. Proper management of dental waste is also undertaken to prevent contamination of water and food. Proper precautions while handling needles and sharp object is undertaken to prevent accidents.

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We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!